If you had told me that I would have made a career change in my 40's to become a real estate agent I'm not exactly sure what I would have said but I can tell you that the thought of becoming an agent never crossed my mind. Now that I am an agent I can also tell you that it has been the best career decision I have ever made. I look all the way back to high school and realize that almost every job that I have had since in some way prepared me for this journey. As I look back I realize that all of my jobs have fallen into 2 categories. They were either sales/customer service or home improvement/construction. I have learned what is like to provide a high level of personal service for my clients as well as I have vast knowledge in the areas of home improvement. It is as if I was being groomed to be in real estate not to mention it is the first job that I can truly say I love.

I take my job very seriously and when I am asked to meet with someone about selling their home I know that this is a huge responsibility. I know it is crucial to meet and exceed the goals of the seller. I use my knowledge, skills and resources that I have to make sure the seller has as much information so they can make the very important decisions to get their house sold.